Gary Meredith

Creative Director

For over 35 years, creative strategist Gary Meredith has produced effective marketing campaigns, originally for Fortune 500 companies, then for leading non-profits.  His expertise includes a full range of integrated media, from mail and phone, to video, radio and print, online using e-mail, websites and ads, PR and market research.  His passion is producing marketing, fundraising and educational strategies that tap the unlimited potential for growth and impact of conservative, patriotic, and Christian organizations.  His focus is empowering his clients to boost net revenue, attract supporters, build their brands, and set the terms of the national debate on the defining issues of America’s greatest causes.

Gary hails from San Gabriel, California.  He grew up in the 60s around the corner from the owners of Wham-O Toy Company, makers of Frisbee, Hula Hoop and Slip-N-Slide, for which he and his siblings appeared in classic TV commercials.  They were paid in toys, giving Gary his first taste of marketing as a potentially rewarding career.  On the way to that goal Gary attended Cal Poly, Pomona and Cal State Fullerton, majoring in music and English.  He also earned a little spending money fronting several rock bands and a folk duo.

In 1980 Gary began his marketing career as an account supervisor at the west’s then-largest direct response agency, Smith Hemmings Gosden in Los Angeles.  Clients included Safeco Insurance, Pentel Pens, Canadian-Pacific Air, Taco Bell, Olympia Brewing Company and other major corporations, along with one colorful political client, Howard Jarvis.  He also served as direct marketing liaison to general ad agencies Chiat/Day, Grey Advertising, and Dentsu/Young & Rubicam on shared accounts.  Gary later formed and ran the direct marketing division of Jensen & Ritchie, an LA ad agency specializing in financial clients and Bob Hope commercials.  While there he developed America’s top selling retail stop-smoking product, CigArrest.

In the mid-80s Gary opened his own Pasadena-based “boutique” agency.  Clients included Kinko’s, Delta Craft Paints, ICN Pharmaceuticals, Richard Simmons “Deal-A-Meal,” several credit unions, and the science apologetics ministry Reasons to Believe.  At that time he co-founded a grassroots organization in his hometown to take on unresponsive local government.  As official spokesman he earned positive statewide media coverage on local radio and in every major California newspaper.  After a sweeping electoral victory in the city, he helped found Citizen Action Network, a grassroots network of similar groups in 60 California cities. 

Gary left his home state in 1993 for the Domain Group in Seattle, Washington, an agency serving leading Christian organizations.  As senior writer he created his first capital campaign video with Chuck Colson for Prison Fellowship.  He was also the original writer of daily radio commentaries for Beverly LaHaye, founder and president of Concerned Women for America.  

In 1995 Gary and his family moved to Virginia, where he spent ten years as creative director of SCA Direct, an Omnicom agency.  There he helped create over a billion pieces of fundraising mail for Easter Seals, Paralyzed Veterans of America, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, VFW, Ron Goldman Justice Fund, the Reagan Ranch—for which he created their popular calendar—and other nationally prominent clients. 

During this time he served as creative director on video-driven capital campaigns for The Heritage Foundation, Mount Vernon, Media Research Center, Parents Television Council,, Young America’s Foundation and the Telly Award-winning Reagan Ranch campaign.  Gary’s interview with Michael Reagan at the Reagan Ranch ran for two nights on FOX News following President Reagan’s death.  He has filmed interviews with Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Phyllis Schlafly, Laura Ingraham, Jim DeMint, Franklin Graham, Sheriff David Clarke, Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Herman Cain and other Senators, Congressmen and presidential candidates.  Most humbling were his interviews with combat-wounded veterans.

Gary spent several years as creative director for Dallas-based KMA Direct on Alliance Defense Fund (now Alliance Defending Freedom), Family Research Council, Open Doors, Mercy Ships, Coral Ridge Ministries, The King’s College, and Moody Radio and Bible Institute.  In 2009 he joined fundraising legend Richard Viguerie at American Target Advertising.  There he served as co-creator and producer of the acclaimed Hillsdale College online courses on the Constitution, Free Markets, American History, etc., which so far have attracted nearly 1.5 million enrollments, and thousands of high-dollar donors.  He also created Hillsdale’s “Constitution Minute” radio series, heard coast-to-coast.

In February 2017 Gary joined The Richard Norman Company as creative director.  He is eager to use the full range of his creative and strategic expertise to boost the growth and impact of America’s greatest organizations, ministries and political leaders.

An avid amateur musician and songwriter, Gary enjoys playing piano, flute, a variety of guitars, and has a passable 3-1/2 octave vocal range.  He is determined to someday complete his musical, Tory and the Rebel, about events in 1775 Boston.  He is equally hopeful that someone in Hollywood will produce his adaptation of CS Lewis’ That Hideous Strength (royalties would be nice, but he really just wants to see the movie). Though frequently consumed by current events, Gary prefers reading history, biography, the classics, philosophy and theology.  He derives great satisfaction by answering tough Bible questions from around the world as an official writer for GotQuestions, whose staff occasionally turns his answers into articles for their website.

Gary and Nancy have been married for 38 years.  They spend as much time as possible with their two grown sons, Jeff and Steve, their wives, Meg and Tasha, and three delightful grandchildren.  They enjoy long drives, spirited board games, classic movies and fine-ish dining.  They live with their two cats in northern Virginia, just far enough from Washington, DC.


Gary Meredith

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